1 Pretty Girl with a Wedding Dress + 4 Paint Bottles + 1 Carnival = 1 Vibrant Trash the Dress Session & 1 Happy Photographer

Do you ever get an idea for a photoshoot, and it looks really-really cool in your head, but then when you go and try to execute that idea, it just doesn’t turn out as cool as it looked in your head???  ….Well, this isn’t one of those shoots.

Every once in awhile, I get to do a shoot all about an idea that I have dreamed up…welcome to the photoshoot of my dreams:). Amber is one of my new favorite models, who did some work with me for the Tulalip Resort. After our bridal shoot at the Tulalip we planned to trash an old wedding dress of hers, as she is going to be remarried in just a few short months {and who needs that big reminder of the past  in the closet!!? Right!?}. We had a few ideas of how to trash this dress with some locations in mind, but all I could dream up was COLOR.  I’ve photographed a few trash the dress sessions involving water and dirt, but thought paint {or fire!! maybe next time…} would be the most exciting. As we were heading to our location, I noticed a Carnival being set up, and just had to pull over. PERFECT. Once we got past the Carnies, we were good to go! {extra special shout out to Davis Amusement for allowing us to run wild with this!} What a crazy, colorful mess we created!! Amber did a fantabulous job being beautiful and brave, and I really have to thank her for being so FUN!!! What a  great way to liberate yourself from an old chapter in life {not to mention de-cluttering your closet, with some creative style, color and personality!! If you have a dress just taking up space, collecting dust, pull that baby out and lets get her trashed!! Take a look at some of Amber’s shots for inspiration…

This session was HONORED to be featured on www.TrashtheDress.com {now freetoflaunt.com}!!! I am thrilled to be recognized on this amazing site!!

Shelby Chavez - September 11, 2011 - 6:55 pm

Hey what did you use for the color like water and food coloring?/?

HeatherLynnPhotographie - September 14, 2011 - 8:53 pm

Real live paint!!! Went to the craft store and got the brightest washable paint I could find :)

Mary - September 27, 2011 - 4:59 am

I made my formal wedding dress 48 years agl and would Never, Never, Never think of trashing it. The dress is awaiting our 50th wedding Anniversary in a couple of years.

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